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About Angelina Miro

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Collection «Breath of Provence»

Claude Monet is one of the most beloved artists of the creator of the Angelina Miro brand, who is also the mother of three children — two boys and one very sweet and very capricious girl Evangeline.

“When you are a mother of a daughter, then in choosing clothes you are faced with the dilemma“ Comfortable or beautiful? ”. Each family celebration for me was marked by these very agonies in search of a comfortable and beautiful dress at the same time. This is how the idea of creating our own line of children’s clothing was born, ”says Vera.

The dresses of the Breath of Provence collection turned out not only refined, emphasizing the delicate beauty of girls, but also comfortable: length, cut, decor — all this not only does not hinder movement, but also brings true comfort. Dresses look original and advantageous against the background of bored mass-market models. They are suitable for special occasions: you can choose it as a dress for a matinee, graduation in elementary school or kindergarten, a family holiday, and for daily wear.

The incomparable advantage of our clothes will be that they are made from 100% natural cotton!

Tenderness, splendor, a riot of delicate and bright colors intertwined with each other — all this has been incorporated into the collection of our wonderful dresses from the nature of Provence.


So why Provence?

Of the many stylistic manifestations, the Provence style is considered the most gentle, light and homely. On the one hand, he is a little naive and romantic, on the other — bright, memorable. In the modern rhythm of city life, there is a lack of rustic romance and natural leisure, and dresses from our collection remind you of how useful it is sometimes to stop, look around and enjoy simple, but very valuable moments — the beauty of nature, tranquility and naturalness.

The “Breath of Provence” collection is entirely about nature, about flowers, about naturalness and naturalness that are characteristic of her and little princesses.


“I love flowers, especially those growing in nature,” says Vera, creator of the Angelina Miro brand. “Therefore, the trip to Giverny made a very deep impression on me: a riot of colors, luxurious flowers and the endless semi-wild garden of my favorite artist, and among them was my little girl who looked like Thumbelina. This is how the name arose for the first collection, which I decided to devote to dresses. I put into it, first of all, love for children, love for my daughter, I tried to express my admiration for the magical nature around us. I really believe and hope that you will feel what I felt when looking at my baby in one of the “Breath of Provence” dresses.

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